Saturday, December 16, 2017

Fitness Crossing

Fitness Crossing named from its unique location between two active sets of railroad tracks. “No Train-No Gain”  founded in August of 2003, started as a “studio” style one on one training facility. During the next five years it grew in memberships and into group training.  
With the need for a larger facility the business was expanded to a 5000 sq ft warehouse.  The ability to host power lifting competitions was essential later the WFSS (Womens Federation of Strength Sports) was formed sanctioning squat, bench and dead lift competitions.   The facility ran a personal training certification program in conjuncture with NSCC via. W.I.T.S  and is still part of the internship program.  Affiliating with CrossFit and running with FC CrossFit as the name, the group schedule and class sizes expanded maxing out at roughly 20 clients per 2 trainers in a one hour class.
The opportunity to move once again appeared in August of 2015, the 3000 sq ft area was cleaner, brighter and the right fit for Fitness Crossing.  The facility as it stands now is equipped with everything you need and nothing you don’t.
       High Ceilings hang rings and ropes disco lights and a few banners and flags. The floor is a combination of rolled rubber, turf and stall mats. Along one wall is a four station Rouge Infinity Rig with the Dip attachment and Dirty south pullup bar. Along the other are four dedicated lifting platforms a few with band attachments. Several medium duty moveable racks for Olympic Lifts, and  One heavy duty half rack, a Full Power cage and a Texas Strength System ER  Competition bench and Squat combo  make up the Power lifting Equipment.
   A few thousand pounds of  Pendely bumper plates and another few thousand Ivanko Olympic plates including 4 100 pound plates are racked. From pvc pipes, to 15 pound training bars, mens and womens Olympic bars and several different power bars and stored upright along the back wall.
   A double stack cable machine is in the corner with some preloaded ez-bars, four adjustable benches and a dumbbell rack 5-80 pounds.
Four Concept-2 rowers and an aerodyne bike, back ext. and GHR are in another area. Bands of all sizes and over 100 pounds of Chain hang from the wall, Speed jump ropes from another near a wall timer. A double tiered Kettle bell rack overflows with bells ranging from five to 107 pounds. 
  Crates store Power lifting gear from wraps to bench shirts and suits. Foam rollers, lacrosse balls and back knobbers  in another box. Old school Captain of Crush grippers of all varieties miscellaneous strength tools can be found floating around. 
   Strong Man equipment from Farmers handles to several sleds, kegs, heavy sand bags up to 200 pounds, log bars, trap bars, swiss bars, cambered bars. Tires stacked outside from 150 pounds to an 800 pound monster lie around the fence in the parking lot.

Two massage tables one inversion and a massage chair are near the large wall mounted first aid cabinet containing everything from tape to BP equipment to glucagon pens.  Medical style scale, various anatomy charts body composition testing tools and a computer are located in a separate area. 

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