Thursday, January 5, 2017

Coach Noonan

Matt tell us about your personal fitness background?
I started weight training in high school with traditional bodybuilding movements at a small home gym setup I had. I progressed with results in hypertrophy and strength.

How did you make fitness a career ?
  In 2010 I completed my WITS personal training certification. My 30 hour internship was completed at Fitness Crossing and I took a part time job personal and group training there. I was introduced to power lifting and Olympic lifting. In 2012 I received my CrossFit Level 1 certification.
Why is your style of Training?
I really enjoy coaching barbell work; the snatch is my personal favorite my best lift is #285. In my own workouts I focus the strength portion of the workout into 2 lifts for example Clean and Jerk then Back squat or Bench Press and Dead lift. For conditioning I will program gymnastics for example toes to bar and ring dips.  Some workouts are strength based and finish up with assistance work dumbbell movements like incline press for example the “old-school” moves.
 What is your work and training schedule like?
I work full time in the construction field and workout  4-5 times after work.  I coach at Fitness Crossing 2-3 days per week mostly group workouts.

What is the most important tip you can give about fitness and strength training?

Learn how to correctly squat deadlight and press as soon as you can with a great coach then progress to the Olympic lifts. Anyone can do a biceps curl but a full snatch takes time to master so get with a good coach! 

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