Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday and the "Hero WOD for the week"

We have decided to acknowledge some of FC's members by naming a WOD in their honor.  Some may have been with us for years while others have shown up more recently and already brought so much to the table.  They show strength, but most importantly they are the FC family. 

The very first recipient is FC's kindest, most genuine member and by far the BEST muffin maker.  She recently received the "Daisy" nursing award for outstanding service in her field.  She is the hardest working Mamma Bear at FC.  She is an amazing mom and grandma.  She is a teacher.  To top it all off she is an awesome athlete.  She sets the bar high as an all around remarkable, well rounded and powerful woman both inside and out.  

We love you, Lois Lavoie!

This week's Hero WOD is called The Team One

Row 1000m, clean and jerk 1RM in 12 minutes

Coaching cues:

(Before the WOD) Warm-up to an easy 3RM clean and jerk.  
Go hard on the first 500m and cruise the last 500m.
Try to hit your best lift between 3-6 attempts.

Score is weight of best lift.  In the event of a tie the fastest rowing time wins.


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