Friday, December 12, 2014

Training Sessions...a little something new!

Hey everyone!  We have decided to launch Thursday night training sessions to help you reach your goals, get your form down and get STRONGER!  The sessions will start on Thursday the 18th at 6:30pm.  You can come in for the WOD at 5:30 and stay for the training or just come in for the training.  We will be off for the two holiday weeks and pick this back up in January.  

The first training session will be focused on squatting.

Also, we have noticed that there aren't a lot of members signed up for the blog emails.  This is a great feature that sends the WOD to your email bright and early at 5am.  Facebook will be making a number of changes starting January 1st.  If you want to be sure to get the WOD early in the day drop your email into the "Follow by Email" option on the lower right hand side of this page.  

Hope you all have a great weekend!  We will see you tomorrow morning for the Saturday WOD! 

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