Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Paleo Challenge starts TODAY!

If you've been around the gym lately (and if you haven't, where are you?!) you've probably heard that the Paleo Challenge starts today!  Here's your chance to learn a whole lot about Paleo and how it can improve your body's function, while entering into a little "friendly" competition with your fellow FC gym-mates.  The Challenge will run now through Thursday, October 30th.  Please note this is a change from the original date found on the paperwork.  You can pick up your Paleo Challenge packet and food log from Mike at the Gym, or print it directly from the files below.  If you grabbed your food log before today, please print out/pick up a new one with the updated dates. 

Never done a Paleo challenge before?  Well, here is what you're in for...

The goal is to eat ONLY foods from that qualify as paleo-friendly for the entire 30 days. In its most simplified form, this includes lean (un-processed) meats, fruits, vegetables(non-starchy), nuts, seeds and most oils.

Each day you will be responsible for keeping a food log.  From that log and your daily activities you will be awarded or have taken away a number of points.  The person with the highest number of points at the end of the 30 days wins "a HUGE prize" from Mike!

If you have questions ask the trainers!  They are here to help.  

Because of the date change the first weekly log will be due tomorrow by the end of the 6:30pm class.  A cubby will be made available under the first aid box to leave the logs. 

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