Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday WOD

Don't forget everyone, we will not be holding classes Saturday 1/26 due to the power lifting competition being held here! We will be holding the On Ramp class at 5 pm on Friday instead! Feel free to come on down on Saturday to see some good lifting!

On Ramp WOD 2


Kettlebell swing


3 pull-ups
5 Hand release push-ups
7 KB swings


Should press

First On Ramp WOD


500m row
40 squats
30 sit-ups
20 push ups
10 pull-ups

Thursday, January 17, 2013

On Ramp Program

Hey Everyone!

THIS MONDAY AT 5 pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are kicking off our on ramp program for those of you that have signed up through living social or those of you who would like an introduction to CrossFit. The schedule for the On Ramp program is as follows:

Monday and Wednesday at 5 pm and Saturdays at 1130 am.

In these classes we will assess you and see where you are at and introduce the skills you will need to continue on and further your time are at FC Crossfit.

* Please note that if these times do not work for you we will assess you and test you out and find another time that will work for you.

THIS MONDAY AT 5 pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

January Pwoer Meet Entry Form

FC Crossfit Full Power Meet

January 26, 2013 at 10am

Registration starts at 9 am!

Sponsored in part by Fitness Crossing, 140 Elliot Street, Beverly, MA 01915

Phone number: 508-284-0627



Individual Lifts $25 each 10% off Military, Police and Fire
Sanctioned by WFSS Womens Federation of Strength Sports
*Annual memberships $29Individual Lifts $25 each 10% off Military, Police and Fire
Sanctioned by WFSS Womens Federation of Strength Sports
*Annual memberships $29Individual lifts $25 each, 10% off Military, Police, and Fire. Sanctioned by WFSS Women’s Foundation of Strength and Sport, Annual membership $29


Register TODAY! Deadline is January 22nd

   ** Late entry subject to $25 late fee




Registrant: _________________________________________ Age:___________


Phone:_____________________________ Address:_______________________________________

City:_____________________________ State: __________________ Zip Code:_______________


Current weight:_____________________


Please Check your categories:

____Junior (under age 18) _________ Men _____ Women ____ Senior (over 55)


___ Squat ____ Bench ____ Deadlift _____ All 3 lifts


Weight Class (circle one): 275 – 242 – 220 – 198 – 181 – 165 – 148 – 132 – 123 – 114


For Official Use only:

Weight at check in : _____________

Openers: Squat __________ Bench ____________ Deadlift _____________

Please mail to : Fitness Crossing,  140 Elliot Street, Beverly, MA 01915


Hey everyone! We are starting 6 am workouts this coming Monday, January 7th. These classes will be held on Monday and Wednesdays! Please let us know if you are interested so we can get it set up!

Monday 1/15 WOD

Strength - Front Squat: 3 sets of 8 squats at 80% 3 sets of 8 Ab roll outs/slide outs WOD - 4 Rounds: OH Plates lunges down/back 30 Wa...